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Report of San Francisco Real Estate Sub-Districts Sales Price for the Past 3 years

San Francisco real estate is broken down into 89 different Realtor defined sub-districts. Home prices can differ greatly from one block to the next. This post displays insightful data of the median levels of home appreciation or depreciation, over the last three year for each sub-district.

When purchasing a home in San Francisco, it is essential that you conduct extensive research and consult with a knowledgeable San Francisco realtor, such as with one of our agents at Marker Real Estate. Our agents can drill down and provide historical micro data points across the city, helping you forecast the potential growth of properties, as well as guiding you to get the best deals. 


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san francisco homes for sale

In a recent report released by an CoreLogic, (a leading provider of data and analytics for the real estate sector) San Francisco home sales have cooled, while home sale prices are on the ascent.

The new uptick in mortgage rates have likely influenced the slowing of home sales velocity. Simply put, loans are becoming more expensive. The report issued at the end of November, provides data from October 2015 through October 2016.


In September 2016, (547) homes were sold. In October, there were (507) sold, or a decline of -7.3%.
A big shift can be seen in the year over year data. There has been a -15.6% slide when comparing the volume of San Francisco homes sold in October 2015 to October 2016.

Although home sales are following a

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rincon hill property


San Francisco is widely considered to be the tech center of the universe, so it makes sense that new residential options are keeping with that trend and incorporating one of the latest technological advances—autonomous robots.

Rincon Hill is the site of an incredible statement in residential luxury living called Jasper. It's 40-stories of the ultra-luxe, complete with eye-popping finishes and no expense spared. Now sharing this space with the privileged humans who can afford the rent (which goes up to $8k per month), will be a staff that is powered by chips, batteries, and electronics—que the robots, (created by Savioke, a company backed by Google Ventures).

Soon to be rolled out in the building's already

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san francisco real estate vs stock market return on investment

The San Francisco real estate market has been on a tear since 2010, however, so has the stock market. Those lucky enough to buy a property in San Francisco anytime from 2010 to 2013 have realized an incredible return on investment.

The same can be said for those who invested substantial resources into the stock market during that same period, especially the tech sector. Of course, San Francisco real estate has 'sectors' too. Certain sub-districts like Nob Hill and South Beach have appreciated more when compared to exclusive areas like the Marina.

San Francisco County, Nob Hill, South Beach, and Marina Real Estate Sales Prices (2006-2016)


stock market since 2000

*courtesy of

According to a study conducted by Redfin, San

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san francisco single home prices from 2005- Present

In this report, we will provide single family home sales prices over a 10 year period for: Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Lower Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, Sea Cliff, Russian Hill, Nob Hill, Telegraph Hill and Noe Valley.

Most all areas in this report have experienced robust multi-year increases in sales prices. Of course, each area is distinctive in its offerings and history. However, the modern San Francisco buyer tends to place value on both neighborhood legacy and potential ROI (return on investment).

Historically, San Francisco single family homes have proven to be an excellent vehicle to increase an individual's net worth.

If you're interested in buying a home in one of San Francisco's most exclusive neighborhoods, you

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Russian Hill San Francisco Real Estate

Russian Hill real estate has become one of the most exclusive areas for property investment in San Francisco. The area was given its name when gold rushers discovered a group of Cyrillic inscribed Russian gravestones and crosses at the top of the hill, (thought to be sailors from a Russian war ship). To most, the area is widely known as the location of the "world crookedest street", (a section of Lombard with eight switchback turns on a 27% grade).

Many of its current residents know that Russian Hill real estate has a well-documented and decorated history, with beautiful historic homes built in the 1800's that can still be seen today. This wonderful area with a sense of preserved community and tradition now offers some of San Francisco's most

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san francisco condos sales charts

San Francisco condos are being built at a record pace to meet the forecasted buyer demand. From low rises to high rises, the San Francisco condo boom is in full effect. Some examples that have taken center stage are the jaw-dropping luxury developments like 181 Fremont and The Harrison. With untold millions being poured into San Francisco condo projects that are re-shaping the skyline and neighborhoods across the city, potential buyers might wonder where is the best place to invest their hard-earned dollars. Buying a new condo before it is completed can be risky, whereas, buying into an established building can be more predictable. In this post, we'll look at the San Francisco condo sales metrics throughout various sections of the city, in effort

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sunset real estate 3 year market reports

According to a recent report by, the Sunset District is considered to be one of San Francisco's sizzling real estate neighborhoods. Although, the Sunset District is considered a pleasant place to live, with a solid inventory of homes for sale, it hasn't been thought of as an ultra competitive real estate market. However, when pondering the motivations of why it's becoming more in-demand, the allure is simple - space. The Sunset district is full of single family homes that offer plentiful volumes of square footage in a city plagued by dwellings that are seen as very cramped, (by national standards). Also, with the options for space comes a desirable family environment. The area is full of small town charm, high-performing schools, and

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San Francisco homes have once again been declared to be America's most sizzling and in-demand residential real estate market, according to a recent analysis by The analysis used two primary factors to determine which cities were among the top twenty in the country:

1) The time on the market before the property sells.

2) Which cities received the most homes for sale views on the platform.

This recent analysis of the the San Francisco housing market begs the question -- Is it possible for San Francisco home prices continue this strong upward trend? Well, according the the respected financial investing website, The Motley Fool, there are several factors which indicate that San Francisco real estate home prices

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